The Problem: Germs live in your building but they don’t pay rent.


Germs, such as bacteria and mould, like to settle down and start a family in the same conditions as your residents – warm, cozy and not too dry.

Germs can last 24-48 hours on surfaces, during which time things like bacteria reproduce exponentially. One single cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours.

How do they get into your building?

  • Residents and visitors bring germs home from day-to-day activities – school, work, sports etc.
  • Pets traipse dirt and litter, which can contain high germ counts, around the building
  • Janitorial staff unknowingly spread them surface-to-surface on cloths etc.

There are a million ways that germs can come into your buildings. Although many microbes are a necessary part of life, the few that are bad are really bad and can cause sickness, disease and in some cases, death.

The Solution: GERMGUARD


The GERMGUARD’s 3 Step (Clean – Disinfect – Protect) Program offers you the opportunity to treat high-touch surfaces with our world-class antimicrobial surface treatment.

Below are the top five areas that you can treat to reduce germ populations.

Area Things to treat
High-Touch Intercoms; elevator buttons; doorknobs; mailboxes; etc.
Workout Area Change rooms; pool areas; washrooms; equipment; etc.
Washrooms Toilets; taps; soap and paper towel dispensers; showers; etc.
On-site Office Desks; computers; phones; filing cabinets; chairs; etc.
Laundry Rooms Washer/dryer controls & doors; counters; light switches; Smart Card Machines; etc.

We can consult with you to decide which high-touch surfaces you wish to have treated.

Once we have determined the areas for treatment, we will thoroughly clean, disinfect and treat all high-touch building surfaces, giving up to 6 months of protection on buildings hard and porous surfaces against unwanted microorganisms.