The Solution: GermGuard’s 1-2-3 Step (Clean – Disinfect – Protect) Program


The GermGuard’s 3 Step Program provides a solution to treating high-touch surface areas with a world-class antimicrobial surface treatment. Using a colourless, odourless positively charges polymer the treatment molecularly bonds to treated surfaces creating a permanent bond that punctures the cell membrane sending an electrical charge right through it.

Our team can provide you with a consultation of surface areas to treat.

Once you’ve received your consultation and treatment begins, we will thoroughly clean, disinfect and treat all high touch surface areas which will provide up to 6 months of protection on buildings hard and porous surfaces against unwanted microorganisms.


Why GermGuard?


All antimicrobial treatments are not created equal. It is important to understand the basic chemical, physical and biological properties of a treatment to make the best choice for your high touch surface areas. GermGuard Treatment Program provides the unique features of action and bonding which allows it to stick right to the treated surface. This minimizes environmental contamination and reproduction of organisms.